The Power of Nutrition

Nutricia believes in the power of nutrition to make a positive and proven difference to the health of patients. We develop and deliver nutritrional products and services that support each specific stage of a patient's journey. 


It's all about our patients 

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Driven by its purpose – to pioneer nutritional solutions for longer, healthier lives – Nutricia has a cultural imperative: Every employee commits to placing the patient at the center of all activity, and every patient receives the best possible care. 

Examples of research and development being conducted right now include the development of innovative products to meet the needs of frail elderly patients, research into the optimal management of infants with cow's milk allergies and research into the role of nutrition to help patients in the earliest stages of Alzheimer's disease. 

That is why we see the world through the eyes of the patients who use our products and the healthcare professionals who prescribe them. It allows us to focus on research and innovation in specific disease areas, and collaborate closely with specialist healthcare professionals to deliver nutritional products and services that are adapted to each specific stage of a patient’s journey.

Therapeutic areas

Science is at the very heart of our nutrition and health commitment. We focus our skills and resources on delivering evidence-based, specialized nutrition to patients of all ages – from infants to the elderly – that meets their specific needs.

In pediatric care, we have developed a range of highly specialized nutritional products for children with inborn errors of metabolism, faltering growth or cow’s milk allergies. Furthermore, Nutricia organizes events where families can connect with each other, and offers support services to help families living with these medical conditions on a daily basis.

As our population ages, many more people are becoming vulnerable to the effects of old age, including frailty and disease. At Nutricia we offer healthy and balanced nutrition to elderly patients, a key factor for their overall care. Our portfolio also includes products and services to support health care providers and patients in the dietary management of chronic disease like cancer and stroke.

We see the world through the eyes of the patients we serve. 


We see the world through the eyes of the patients who use our products and the health care professionals who prescribe them. It’s only through appreciating their needs that we can provide the necessary support and solutions. 

Innovation for specific disease areas

Nutricia develops nutritional solutions in specific disease areas. In pediatric care, we pioneer products and services for cow’s milk allergy, faltering growth and metabolic disorders. Our nutritional solutions for adults aim to support malnourished patients with chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer and stroke, and geriatric syndromes, such as frailty, in specific stages of their disease therapy.

Neocate Splash is an innovation launched in 2017 in the USA specifically for children and teens with cow’s milk allergy. It is the first and only hypoallergenic and ready-to-use amino acid-based formula for children and teenagers with cow’s milk allergy or multiple food protein allergies. Neocate Splash is nutritionally complete and can be consumed on the go, without the hassle of measuring and mixing a hypoallergenic formula.

Small can be big

Danone, medical nutrition : innovation

Closely working with the patient communities we serve has allowed Nutricia to be at the forefront of product innovation. It has also been a source of inspiration for products and services that help patients comply with their medically prescribed nutritional regimen.

For young patients whose growth is faltering due to disease or disability, we developed Fortini Compact Multi Fibre. These children often struggle to finish a whole bottle of standard pediatric oral nutritional supplements to meet their nutritional needs. We found a way to compact the same amount of energy, protein and fiber into a smaller bottle, helping them drink up.


Focus on taste 

Nutricia’s efforts to pioneer nutritional discoveries also focus on products that taste good, a key factor that influences patient compliance with treatment, for both children and adults.

Our nutritional supplements for children with severe food allergies are produced in a variety of flavors, helping children accept the constraints of their diet. The products are also presented in small and colorful pouches, helping young patients focus less on the “medical” aspect of their diets.

Delivering nutritional care to patients’ doorsteps

Health care costs are rising due to the increasing burden of aging and chronic disease on health care systems. Patients often require specialized care that is provided in hospitals or other care institutions, yet they would rather be cared for in the comfort of their home, living independently as long as they can. In countries such as the Netherlands, Poland and the UK, Nutricia brings medical nutrition products and specialized services to patients’ doorsteps, supporting health care professionals in delivering better quality and more cost-efficient care for their patients.

Patients prefer to be cared for in the comfort of their home, living indepently as long as they can. 

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Partnering for a better food experience

We know we cannot achieve our ambition of establishing medical nutrition as an integral part of health care alone. That is why we work with partners to improve the quality of nutritional care that patients receive. Nutricia’s partnership with the Alicia Foundation demonstrates this approach. The Alicia Foundation is a center for scientific and culinary research dedicated to promoting healthier eating that also focuses on cuisine adapted to the specific needs of patients using medical nutrition products.

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Together with the Alicia Foundation we have trained chefs from all around the world to prepare dishes especially adapted for patients with swallowing difficulties (dysphagia) using Nutilis, a thickening medical nutrition product from Nutricia. These dishes are safe to swallow, nutritious and tasty. Dysphagia can occur after suffering a stroke, but it can also occur due to old age or as a consequence of certain types of cancer. With our education programs for patients and caregivers, we strive to make safe, nutritious food accessible to the greatest number of patients, helping them meet their nutritional needs while enjoying the foods they love together with their families.

Digital platforms for carers and profesionals 

Our products are only one aspect of the care process: Patients and their families also need help, support and reassurance to cope with these medical conditions. Nutricia recently launched Neocate Footsteps in the United States. A digital platform designed for doctors and the parents of children with difficult medical conditions, Neocate Footsteps helps clinicians and families manage a child’s condition day to day, including insurance; dietary guidelines and recipes; contact with nutritionists and other families; and practical advice as the child enters daycare, begins school or simply goes on an outing.

For parents and caregivers of children with cow’s milk allergies, we partnered with Allergy U.K. to provide support services such as the website On the platform, caregivers can find important information about food allergies and the diagnosis of food-allergic conditions. In 2017, we paved the way for the launch of a truly innovative, personalized chatbot service to support parents in the process of diagnosing cow’s milk allergies in their children. This enhanced our ability to support patients and, ultimately, deliver better care.