Volvic now uses 100% recycled materials

The video "Volvic uses 100% recycled materials" visually transcribes the text below. In the background appear various images of nature (mainly from the Auvergne region in France where Volvic water comes from): volcanoes, vegetation, Volvic water source. There are also images of products such as the small Volvic mineral water bottle.


Text embedded in the video:

Volvic volcanic natural mineral water

With its unique, fresh, raw taste that only nature can provide is a source of health*

A source of inner strength*

That inspires us to keep acting for healthier and stronger nature

That’s why we commit that all our bottles in Europe will be made with 100% recycled materials by 2025**

Starting already in 2020 with our full range in Switzerland and Germany and our small formats in France and Belgium.


What does “made with 100% recycled materials* mean?

Using 100% recycled materials means that our bottles are now made from old bottles.

Old bottles are recycled to produce new ones.

Making sure, to preserve intact the purity and the fresh raw taste of the Volvic natural mineral water.


Why use 100% recycled materials?

Using bottles made with 100% recycled materials* means we contribute to keep them in use and in the economy, avoiding waste and help reduce our carbon footprint.

To ensure that bottles can be recycled, through Danone we also support the development of effective, efficient and inclusive systems for collection and recycling.

Always put your bottles in the dedicated recycling bin.


Join us, every action counts.

More info on Volvic.com.

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*Water contributes to the maintenance of normal cognitive and physical functions (at least 2L of water, from all sources, should be consumed per day).

**Excluding cap and label