Volvic is now Carbon Neutral

The video "Volvic goes carbon neutral" visually transcribes the text below. In the background appear various images of nature (mainly from the Auvergne region in France where Volvic water comes from): volcanoes, vegetation, Volvic water source.


Text embedded in the video:

Volvic is now certified carbon neutral

Step by step, we are committed to protecting nature

So that it can continue to give us strength.

To reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible, we are using 100% renewable energy at our natural mineral water bottling site.

We are committed to using 100% recycled materials by 2025*.

This can halve CO2 emissions compared to non-recycled plastic.

We transport our bottles in the most sustainable way (40% by train in Europe)

Going beyond in partnership with South Pole, Volvic contributes to support the continued protection of 2 billion m2 of natural ecosystems in volcanic countries.

It also helps to absorb CO2 in the atmosphere, allowing us to reach carbon neutrality on the full product life cycle.

We are restoring the balance 

So that nature can continue to give us strength.

Join us.

Visit us on volvic.com and southpole.com

There is strength in nature


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*Excluding caps and labels