Volvic becomes B Corp™ certified

The video "Volvic becomes B Corp™  certified" visually transcribes the text below. In the background appear various images of nature (mainly from the Auvergne region in France where Volvic water comes from): volcanoes, vegetation, Volvic water source.


Text embedded in the video:

At Volvic

We are committed to transforming our business to be a force for good

Contributing to give back strength to our planet and to the people living on it.


That’s why we’re certified B Corporation.

Volvic is the biggest natural mineral water certified B Corp™  in Europe*


What are B Corps™? 

B Corp™  is a global movement with over

3000 Certified businesses worldwide

With one common goal:

Use business as a force for good, for people and the planet.

B Corps™  meet the highest standards of 

Social and environnemental performance, public transparency and legal accountability

To balance profit and purpose.


So what does it mean for Volvic?

This means that on top of what we’ve already been doing for the planet, in all our decisions, we are committed to contributing to a more ethical business, taking into account the environmental and societal impact of our decisions, by buying from working for and doing business with B CORPS™ .

You vote each day for a better planet and for a better society.

Every day is election day.

Join us, every action counts.


There is strength in nature


[Volvic logo ending]