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    Annual Report 2016
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    Danone Completes Acquisition of WhiteWave
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Spain is the birthplace of the Danone brand. After Thessaloniki’s annexation by Greece in 1913, Isaac Carasso and his wife Esterina leave the city with their three children Daniel, Flora and Juana, moving to Lausanne in Switzerland. There, Isaac meets a Bulgarian exile familiar with traditional methods of making yoghurt, and the two men launch the Maya Santé brand.

In 1916, Isaac Carasso decides to leave Switzerland for Spain, and the family settles in Barcelona. Interested in the work of Elie Metchnikoff and appalled by the number of children suffering from intestinal disorders in the years following the First World War, Isaac Carasso decides in 1919 to produce yoghurt with cultures from the Pasteur Institute. He launches the Danone name – inspired by the affectionate nickname for his son Daniel - selling his yoghurt in pharmacies and on doctors’ recommendations.

From the 1970s onwards, Danone develops its other activities in Spain, especially with the acquisition of a stake in Font Vella in 1973 and in Aguas de Lanjaron in 1993. Thanks to the acquisition of Numico in 2007, Danone enters the Spanish Baby Nutrition and Medical Nutrition markets, with the brands Numil and Numico.



New apps for kids!

In 2014, Danone Dairy Spain launched two new free applications for children 6-11 years old: Danonino and Equipo Actimel. The company now boasts 5 applications, counting the other three already existing on the market. The goal of these applications is to create a strong brand experience, while giving educative and enjoyable tools to kids. Respectively, they have been downloaded more than 10,000 and 160,000 times and are available on iOS and Android systems. The Danonino application enables children to learn professions and jobs while playing. The brand had indeed launched a new collection of 24 different bottles, such as the fireman, the journalist or the astronaut, which can be scanned by children with the application. 

Equipo Actimel is in the TOP 10 of games in Spain

The Equipo Actimel application simulates battles of the Actiguerreros (Actiwarriors). Children can choose their 3D battle fields, characters with which to fight, with 1 to 2 players, and can even create their own character using their picture. Since its launch in Spain, the application is in the TOP 10 of games and the TOP 30 of free applications.