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    Annual Report 2016
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    Danone Completes Acquisition of WhiteWave
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Danone started its operations in Mexico in 1973 in association with the Xalpa Industrial Company, promoting the culture of yogurt consumption in Mexico. Fourteen years later, Danone ended the relationship with “Estrella de Xalpa” and created Danone de Mexico. 
Thanks to the acquisition of Bonafont, a local company of bottled water belonging to the Fontanet family, in 1995, Danone enlarged its Mexican product portfolio. In 2001, Danone started off in the jugs market, through a joint-venture with Pureza Aga; in 2003, Bonafont water jugs were launched. Levité, another Water brand, was launched on the Mexican market in 2002 and in 2010, Bonafont launched the first bottle made out of 100% recyclable materials.
Danone Medical Nutrition settled in Mexico in 2008; Danone Baby Nutrition starts its operations in Mexico in 2011.



The Gotta by Bonafont

Mexico stands for almost half of the bottled water market in Latin America and for 7.5% of worldwide consumption*. Public authorities indeed recommend local populations not to drink tap water as it is often unfit for consumption. Therefore, high quality water is a major issue for these populations. Bonafont thus has the objective of meeting a maximum of consumer needs, and develops a range of products, from natural water to aquadrinks. The brand’s latest innovation is the launch of the Gotta by Bonafont in July 2014, giving the brand a foothold in the ultra-premium segment of water distribution.

Mexico stands for 7.5% of worldwide bottled water consumption

This new product, with its unique and innovative design shaped like a drop of water, is an interior water fountain. It finds its place at home or at the office and does not need to be plugged in to keep the water at room temperature. Thanks to an innovative system of 5L water bags, Gotta by Bonafont is an easy and simple way of enjoying high quality water. The water bags can be brought in traditional retail channels or online and delivered at home.   *source : Euromonitor 2014