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  • Danone Completes Acquisition of WhiteWave
    Danone Completes Acquisition of WhiteWave
  • Danone commits to launch first global 1,000-day Parental Policy
    Danone commits to launch first global 1,000-day Parental Policy
  • Danone publishes its 2016 Registration Document
  • Danone commits to launch first global 1,000-day Parental Policy
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Danone settled in Indonesia in 1998 by signing a strategic alliance with Aqua, an Indonesian brand of bottled water launched in 1973. With this partnership, the brand strengthened its market position becoming the largest producer of bottled mineral water in Indonesia. In 2005, Mizone was launched in Indonesia, as a roll-out of the Chinese success story.

Danone implemented its Baby Nutrition division in Indonesia in 2007, with the acquisition of Numico and therefore of the brands Sari Husada (an Indonesian brand born in 1954) and PT NIS (launched in Indonesia in 1987 thanks to the import of products from Netherlands). With the launch of SGM  in 1965, Sari Husada was a pioneer in the development and production of infant formula in Indonesia.



Aqua, the world’s most sold bottled water

The Aqua brand in Indonesia is a true growth engine for Danone: it grew by +19% in 2014. To secure future growth, the Aqua team launched in Q4 2014 several campaigns targeting the young audience. One fourth of the Indonesian population is indeed aged under 14 years old. The aim was thus to create a strong engagement with the Aqua brand from an early age on. The #AdaAQUA campaign, released in October and November 2014, was a platform to stimulate the on-the-go consumption. Despite time constraints, it is very important to have a good hydration to keep our concentration and focus up throughout day. The #AdaAQUA campaign was broadcasted on TV, outdoor, in store and on digital.

Aqua grew by +19% in 2014

The “Temukan Indonesiamu” campaign, broadcasted in December 2014, was focused on outdoor, digital and instore with the launch of a new bottle. It aimed at rejuvenating Aqua. 2014’s theme was “camaraderie” through the “Indonesian Games”. It followed the 2013 campaign and its legendary event, the “Wayang Show”, a traditional theatrical performance, which engaged more than 10,000 people with more than 3,000 kids who joined the booths to color Aqua bags and T-Shirts.