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    Annual Report 2016
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    Danone Completes Acquisition of WhiteWave
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When Daniel Carasso decides to launch Danone products in France, he is not yet 20. Société Parisienne du Yoghourt, a company with FRF 500,000 in capital, is registered in 1929. Business started in a 78m² shop on the ground floor of a building in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. To win over consumers, he emphasized health benefits but also worked hard to ensure that Danone yogurt tasted better than rival brands. In 1967 Danone France merged with Fromageries Gervais to become France’s leading fresh dairy specialist.

In 1966, Antoine Riboud created BSN by merging Boussois with Verreries Souchon-Neuvesel: BSN becomes a glassmaker on a European scale.

In December 1972, Antoine Riboud and Daniel Carasso announced plans to merge BSN and Gervais Danone, signed in 1973. Since the 1980s, BSN-Gervais Danone accelerated its development in the food industry in France (acquisition of Amora, Maille, Materne, LU…). After refocusing the group in 1997 and the acquisition of Numico in 2007, Danone today has 4 subsidiaries in France: Fresh Dairy Products, Waters, Baby Food and Medical Nutrition.



The launch of Danio and the creation of a whole new moment of consumption

Launched in France in January 2014, Danio is now considered a major innovation in the Fresh Dairy market; the product allowed Danone Dairy France to create a whole new moment of consumption. A year after its launch, 6 million homes have bought Danio with a record repeat purchase rate of over 50%. 60% of the consumption of Danio takes place during break times and 37% at the office: this innovation has really managed to anchor itself in the world of snacking.

a record repeat purchase rate of over 50%

Danio has a unique texture concentrating the protein while being low in fat matters. The product has a double or even triple presence instore (fresh dairy area + fresh dairy snacking area + refrigeration units on the snacking shelves next to the chips and chocolate bars); it is also distributed in the HOD channel, in petrol stations for example. Thanks to this innovation, Danone Dairy France is the company that contributed the most, throughout 2014, to the fresh dairy market valuation in France.