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  • Danone Manifesto Ventures invests in Kona DeepTM, a new brand of deep ocean bottled water naturally rich in electrolytes
    Danone Manifesto Ventures invests in Kona DeepTM, a new brand of deep ocean bottled water naturally rich in electrolytes
  • Danone reaffirms climate commitment
  • Danone reaffirms climate commitment
    Danone reaffirms climate commitment
  • Danone strengthens Corporate Governance and Management Organization
    Danone strengthens Corporate Governance and Management Organization
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Our company culture

In 1972 in Marseille, Antoine Riboud explained his vision of the company's role by stating that economic and social goals are interdependent. This visionary thinking provided the cornerstone for Danone's dual economic and social project. To this day, our teams around the world imagine operating models that create economic, social and environmental value.



Ever since the merger of BSN and Gervais Danone in 1973, this belief in a different style of company has led the company to develop its very own identity. This extends as far as its management style, which combines both business and strong ethical values. These values guide the way we behave every day, the way we work and progress in our business, the way we connect with our communities, and the way we develop people.

Humanism: Attention to individuals, whether they’re consumers, colleagues or fellow citizens, is at the heart of our decisions


When thinking about what makes his journey at Danone meaningful, Fares, Performance Manager Operations in Algeria, spontaneously mentions " I can interact with everyone from operators to General Manager". Participative and informal management style 

is key for Danone in its approach to business. Front line managers are encouraged to develop generous listening and informal communication so that creativity, potential and ambition can be allowed free expression at local level.



Diversity is

a source of wealth

and change

a constant



That's what Diana, Danil, Wilfried and 50 other Danoners  from all over the world experienced when they met for the Gen D event in Evian. It's not only a great chance to better understand Danone's culture and history but also a unique way to contribute together to the company strategy. 

Overs 3 days, they've shared and brainstormed to present their ideas to implement Danone strategy to the Executive Committee. This networking culture ensures that best practices are quickly disseminated from one business unit to another and it facilitates innovation.  


Danoners World Cup

Since 1997, danoners from all around the world gather in one place to participate to a football competition!

92 %

value commitment

92% of employees totally support values for which Danone stands (Danone People Survey, 2014/2015)


Ecosystem projects

In six years (2009-2015), the Danone Ecosystem Fund has invested in over 63 projects and aimed at creating or reinforcing 75 000 jobs.

Proximity:Engaging with communities in our common quest to find better health through better food for the greatest number.


For instance Direct to Consumer business model allows to create a special and local relationship with consumers whilst  finding new distribution and service models. In Brazil, the Kiteiras project gives Nordeste women the opportunity to gain their independence thanks to a direct-to-consumer retail programme, 

supported by the Danone Ecosystem fund, this agile model creates social and economic value for women in underprivileged communities. Gislen, one of the saleswomen is grateful: "this project makes me feel satisfied, acknowledged and valued".



There are

no limits.

There are only

obstacles to be



Danone employees are passionate about their brands and their products. They share an appetite for challenge, the desire to take risks and explore new opportunities. A great conqueror mindset that also expresses itself during the Danone  worldwide football competition organized every two years among the 100,000 employees.

In 2014, the world final tournament took place in Paris. Finalists lived an unforgettable moment of passion & joy. Roman from Russia was among the 11 Danone reporters to cover the event.. He keeps a great memory of his visit to Paris, “at the very heart of Danone and its culture” and hopes to spread vividly the “crazy vibe” reigning during this weekend.