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Want to know more about our programs ?

You're looking for fulfillment? We're looking for you :)

At Danone, it's our mission to bring health through food to as many people as possible. To succeed in this journey, we're looking for young people like you, personalities eager to bring their energy and ideas to a meaningful project. We believe in learning by experimenting and experiencing.


If you are an undergraduate looking for experience in a global company, many of our regions offer internships that will allow you to grow and learn.

Choosing to go for an internship at Danone is deciding to join a great adventure. You will integrate a company which strongly believes in the power of on-the-job learning. Through exciting missions and projects, you are 100% involved in growing Danone’s business. You will be quickly empowered and able to contribute to your team’s performance.

With a strong support from your hierarchy, you will be able to accomplish great things. Your journey will be supported with the attention and help you need, but the finality is up to you: you can be proactive on projects you would like to construct or co-construct, you can propose solutions and feedback… We will always give you the tools and space to grow.

Internship opportunities vary from regions to others. In some countries, they are aimed at undergraduate students and, in others, at graduates and young people with the right work experience. Find our internship offers anywhere in the world here !

During their internships/graduate program, Sarah, Griff, Louisa, Emilie and all of our former interns and trainees have had a taste of the Danone culture from all over the world. Come and discover what they remember from their experience! If you’re thrilled by what they say, go and check opportunities on

Sarah, UK

"Everybody says it is the people that make Danone, and I would echo that once more, because everybody has a vested interest in helping one another and making it a fantastic learning environment."

Nik, UK

"This placement has been a fantastic introduction to what it means to work for a global FMCG company. I had real responsibility gaining invaluable experience, taking on projects that were value adding for the company."

Griff, UK

"Everybody says it is the people that make Danone, and I would echo that once more, because everybody has a vested interest in helping one another and making it a fantastic learning environment."

Louisa, Brazil

"Working at Danone made me change completely the vision that I had to be an intern. At Danone, I have opportunity to work with diverse people! I have learned a lot with an incredible autonomy to work on my projects and share it with my team! Be a Danoner is an incredible experience!"

Hanan, Indonesia

"With the graduate program, you will get the chance to be involved in the business process with the guidance from top managers. This program will offer you the best opportunity to develop your working skills. Danone is the perfect place to start your career journey!"

Boitumelo, South Africa

"I am happy to say that my expectations were blown away and that the opportunity was a great learning curve. I have grown into a confident Danoner with exceptional business acumen and heart for good food!"

Gilang, Indonesia

"The graduate program is crazy. Danone is a right place to learn and build your career path. You’ll get some challenge and experience that makes you grow and grow more."

Emilie, France

“My experience here at Danone is without doubt fruitful and enriching. Most importantly, I can take on responsibility with the freedom of making mistakes and learning from an enthusiastic team in which I am considered as a valued member!”

Audrey, France

"The confidence which was granted to me from the beginning allowed me to grow and to clarify my professional project. I feel privileged to have such an opportunity and feel optimistic about my career now that I have gained some solid skills for the communications field."