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  • Danone Manifesto Ventures invests in Kona DeepTM, a new brand of deep ocean bottled water naturally rich in electrolytes
    Danone Manifesto Ventures invests in Kona DeepTM, a new brand of deep ocean bottled water naturally rich in electrolytes
  • Danone reaffirms climate commitment
  • Danone reaffirms climate commitment
    Danone reaffirms climate commitment
  • Danone strengthens Corporate Governance and Management Organization
    Danone strengthens Corporate Governance and Management Organization
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Need tips for applying ?


1. Application

Choose the country you want to work in and the vacancy that corresponds to your areas of expertise and your level of experience. Fill in the application form, clearly stating your skills, professional experience and training. The objective is to know you better!

2. pre-selection

Your application is assessed. If your profile corresponds to what we are looking for, you will be contacted by Danone and the recruitment process will start. If your profile is not suitable for the current position, you are of course free to apply for other vacancies. You can create job alerts with the search engine, to be informed as soon as there is a vacancy that matches your profile.

3. selection

You will have an interview with operational and HR staff. According to the country and the position, you may be invited to attend an assessment center, where you will take individual and group tests.

4. offer

If the interviews are successful and you are chosen for the positon, you will receive an offer of employment and will come and sign your employment contract.

5. induction

On the first day of work, you will attend a welcome breakfast and meet the team. Your manager will then organize a personalized induction program.

tips and advices

how to prepare your cv ?

  • If you have less than 10 years work experience, your CV should take up just one sheet of paper !
  • Highlight the skills and experience that are the most relevant to the vacancy and to Danone.
  • Be clear and precise about your previous experiences (dates, responsibilities, achievements).
  • Remember to include your hobbies and interests (sport, cultural or social activities), which are a great way of showing your uniqueness.
  • Do not forget, your CV is your business card, it gives the first impression the recruiter will have on you! Do not hesitate to check several times your spelling and syntax.

How to prepare your covering letter ?

Your covering letter allows you to share information that you could not include in your CV: highlight your skills and explain why you want to work with us. The letter should be structured into three parts:

  • Your motivations: What Danone and this vacancy inspire in you.
  • Your talents: What can you bring to this job, your expertise, what you have learnt from your previous job assignments.
  • Your career goals: What you would like to build within the company, your career plan.

How to prepare for the interview ?

The interview is the ideal moment for telling us who you are, communicating your passion for Danone and the position you are applying for :

  • Find out about Danone beforehand: our activities, our brands and above all our values, our way of working,…
  • Use concrete examples from your professional and personal life to show that this culture means something to you and suits you.
  • Identify the experiences you want to talk about, the messages you want to get across. Analyze rather than describe: what have you learnt, what would you do differently?
  • Be natural and sincere: the key is to have a good knowledge of your strengths and where you can grow.The goal of the interview is also to see whether you will enjoy the job.

How to build your e-reputation ?

You are present on social and professional networks? So are we.

Either on LinkedIn, Facebook, or anywhere else, try to keep your profile consistent with who you are. Use these networks to build your professional identity and make yourself more visible. Examples from your contacts can be a great inspiration to build an attractive resume. Keep your profiles up to date, as you would with your CV, including all the information on your skills, experiences, training and specific details. Be careful about your private profiles and pictures: you do not want to put yourself into a delicate situation.

When you create your profile, try to put yourself into your recruiter’s shoes: what do I see first? What do I learn about the candidate? What can I discover about the candidate that I could not on a written CV?


You’ll find all available positions on our website You can look for jobs, join our community and create job alerts

q1. How do I look for jobs ?
Check out our jobs platform (, where you can search for opportunities using keywords, locations and experiences.
q2. Why do I need to create an account ?
Creating a profile helps you when you apply several times, with most of your information form automatically filled in. You can always update your profile if needed, follow your application process, withdraw your application at any moment or revoke your data privacy statement by erasing your account.
q3. I have checked the available vacancies online but there doesn’t seem to be any specific roles relevant to me. What else can I do ?
You can join our community and fill in the required information to receive job or internship alerts.
q4. I have applied for a position before. Can I apply again ?
Yes, you can apply again, there is no limit to the number of applications you submit.
q5. How do I look for jobs abroad ?
Check out the job map and click on the country of your choice! Depending on the job requirements, you may be required to master the local language.