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Emmanuel Faber :
“Solid results as we move towards 2020”

2015 Highlights

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Horizon 2020 :
What employees say

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Focus 2015

Emmanuel Faber
Chief Executive Officer

“Solid results
as we move
towards 2020”

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key figures

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At Danone, we believe that food is health’s most powerful ally. By encouraging healthy diets and healthy lifestyles, we’re meeting the needs and wants of every consumer at each of life’s milestones, with products that respect local cultures. But selling products is only the beginning. We want to encourage good eating habits to bring health through food to as many people as possible.


Phosphatine de Blédina

Blédina’s Phosphatine instant cereals are fortified with iron


Baby’s first 1,000 days of life are vital—a core principle for training in Cameroon and Cote d’Ivoire

Fighting early-life
anemia with iron

Worldwide, some 1.2 billion people suffer from iron deficiency, the leading cause of anemia. It’s particularly common in pregnant woman and children, and when it strikes during a child’s critical early years, it can have severe consequences for physical and cognitive development.

It is now well established that children aged six to nine months need seven times more iron than adults. So it’s essential to first inform consumers of this need and then help them meet it, by encouraging them to eat naturally iron-rich foods and by offering iron-fortified products. It’s also important to dispel the myth that all red foods are rich in iron.

In Cameroon and Côte d’Ivoire, Danone has been fighting anemia among infants since 2013, working on several fronts. We’re helping health professionals make a difference with a campaign that both educates young mothers about their nutritional needs during pregnancy and stresses the critical importance of breastfeeding, since children absorb iron best from breast milk. We’ve also highlighted the benefits of iron-fortified instant cereals, which can deliver 70% of children’s daily requirement for iron as they are weaned.

Our Phosphatine baby cereal is an ideal solution for meeting these needs. At Danone, we work constantly to make this type of product affordable for as many people as possible. We’ve now reduced the price of Phosphatine by around 30%, making it available to even the poorest families and raising the number of well-nourished children.



Customized, balanced meals are easy with the DanOn website and app

Serving families
with the DanOn

Between the demands of school and work and the lure of computers and smartphones, the table is one of the few places where a family can be together. But for meals to be a source of pleasure and togetherness, they must be easy to prepare and enjoyable for the whole family—without sacrificing basic nutrition. Bottom line: family meals need to strike the right balance between pleasure and health.

In response, we designed DanOn, a website and mobile app combination that makes life easier for families by helping them prepare healthy, tasty, convenient meals. Users can search for everyday recipes based on available ingredients, or get inspiration from customized menu suggestions generated by an intelligent algorithm. Developed by Danone, the algorithm factors in nutritional criteria and makes it easy to plan balanced meals quickly, without complex calorie counts or nutrition lessons. DanOn also stores the family’s ingredient preferences and favorite recipes, and the more you use it, the more it “learns.” Over time, its suggestions become even more customized. When you select a recipe, DanOn converts it into a shopping list that you can print or store in your smartphone —and it even offers discount coupons for Danone dairy products. Originally launched in France in 2015, the DanOn app has been downloaded over 150,000 times, and it is now available in Poland, Hungary and Canada. In 2016 it will launch in the United States, Mexico and Italy.


Nutricia Neocate helps parents manage their child’s cow’s milk protein allergy

Learning to
manage allergies

Childhood allergies are extremely stressful for parents: some infants cry constantly, and getting an accurate diagnosis can take a long time. Arranging for treatment, getting insurers to cover medical expenses, and keeping children on the right diet when they're in childcare, at school or elsewhere outside the home is a huge challenge, leaving many parents overwhelmed.

Nutricia can help. Our Neocate Expert Care program focuses on cow’s milk protein allergy, which affects 3% of youngster worldwide and is becoming more prevalent: the condition now affects more children and lasts longer. Geared around Neocate, Nutricia’s flagship product, the program offers a whole range of products for children up to age 10, as well as support services for families, training programs for health professionals and results from clinical analysis. Neocate Expert Care includes a telephone support service and a website http://global.neocate.com/, providing information, advice and contact with other parents facing the same challenges. In 2015 we launched Neocate Footsteps in the US, a program focusing particularly on insurance problems, and we’ve now launched a Chinese version. Though 500,000 new cases of cow’s milk protein allergies are reported in China every year, families must often make 10-20 doctor’s visits before they get the right diagnosis. Nutricia has also developed awareness-raising and training programs for doctors, and 82% of China’s health professionals now recommend Neocate as part of their strategy for managing food allergies. Country by country, Neocate Expert Care is responding to the needs and concerns of both parents and healthcare professionals to meet its primary goal—making life as normal as possible for allergic children and their loved ones.


Partnership for a healthier America

A network of 2,800 street vendors sell Bonafont throughout Mexico City

Partnership for a healthier America

Bonafont gets a new visual identity

Street vendors
in Mexico

In Mexico City, most people get food from street vendors at all hours of the day. In this sprawling metropolis of over 20 million, more than 100,000 informal points of sale offer tacos, tortas, beverages and sweets to passersby. Fast and affordable, these eat-on-the-go meals and snacks are rooted in local culinary traditions, which makes them even more popular. Street vendors are everywhere, hailing motorists or setting their carts up in market squares for a day—or even just a few hours. Bonafont, our spring water brand in Mexico, has partnered with these micropreneurs, working with them to offer a range of waters and aquadrinks that are generally healthier than traditional juices and sodas. Dubbed Rutas Taqueras, this new distribution model is geared around the existing points of sale: Bonafont delivers a selection of appropriate beverages to vendors very early in the evening, and picks up unsold merchandise in the evening. In just two years, Rutas Taqueras has built a network of 2,800 resellers, with sales of 25 million liters in 2015. Bonafont’s current goal is to reach 7,500 distributors and sell 100 million liters by 2020.



With population pressure and economic tensions at unprecedented levels, our world will need to produce more food with fewer resources —which makes protecting resources more vital than ever. At Danone, we’re shifting our mindset from the linear supply chain model to responsible, sustainable management of the cycles that produce the critical resources we need to make our products: water, milk and plastic. With support from our suppliers and partners, we’re stepping up our ability to protect, secure and make the most of our key resources.


PLan d'action objectif zero net carbone

Learn more about our net zero carbon initiative

Targeting net
zero carbon

Danone is responding to the many challenges of global warming with an ambitious new climate policy that targets net zero carbon emissions by 2050. Our climate policy to date focused on our direct impact—production, packaging, logistics and product end-of-life. Now we’re taking the next step, expanding our focus to include shared impacts, and above all our agricultural inputs, which account for 65% of our carbon emissions.

To achieve our goal, we’ll cut emission intensity by 50% between 2015 and 2030, and we’ll begin reducing absolute levels before 2025. How? To start, we plan to eliminate deforestation from our supply chain by 2020. We’re also planning to make our supply cycles more resilient and better able to withstand systemic risks from soil, farming, the water cycle and other sources. In addition to making cuts, we’re also working with our partners to create programs for sequestering carbon in agriculture, forests and natural ecosystems, along the lines of the initiatives sponsored by the Livelihoods Fund. Finally, we want to help the world develop healthy eating habits while promoting sustainable use of natural resources.


Rebotella en Argentine

New Rebotella bottle in Argentina

Campagne télévisuelle Villavicencio

Learn more about our Villavicencio mineral water campaign in Argentina

A recycled
—and recyclable—
bottle in Argentina

In 2015, Villavicencio—one of Danone’s mineral water brands in Argentina—launched Rebotella, the first 100% recyclable bottle made with 50% recycled plastic. The launch was backed with a television campaign that starred popular Argentinian actor Ricardo Mario Darín promoting the importance of waste collection and recycling. Use of Rebotella will reduce the country’s carbon footprint by an amount comparable to reducing traffic in Buenos Aires by 110,000 cars for a day, or to eliminating 21,000 lightbulbs over a year. Which is definitely in line with Villavicencio’s mission to “leave our environment better than we found it.”

A new,
more eco-friendly


Towards a more

In December 2015, we signed a partnership agreement with B Lab, an international non-profit that promotes an engaged, responsible model for entrepreneurship. B Lab has already awarded B Corp certification—that’s B as in “best for the world”—to over 1,400 companies in 42 countries. Now the challenge is to expand the program to include listed multinationals. Under this unique partnership, we’ll share our experiences with each other and inject new energy into the corporate responsibility certification movement.

The agreement with B Corp is based on an "open source” philosophy, reflecting Danone’s commitment to developing a more collaborative model of governance with a larger community of stakeholders. We’ll contribute lessons we’ve learned from Danone Way, the social impact assessment program we launched in 2001 to measure our dual commitment to business success and social progress. And the partnership will allow us to compare our methods and practices with those of outside partners, thus enhancing our own assessment system. In all, ten Danone subsidiaries will serve as pilot companies for development of B Lab’s new certification.

A partnership
expanding B Corp
certification to



At Danone, we're striving to become a company that’s more collaborative, more agile, more willing to learn —a company where each of our 100,000 employees can flourish and grow. How will we reach this ambitious goal? First, by deploying One Danone, a new structure that will broaden career opportunities to include clusters of countries, and second, by taking a new, more dynamic approach to performance evaluations and career development for every employee, at every level of the company.


One world,
one company,
One Danone

Finding a more collaborative, more resilient, more agile model: that was our goal in designing One Danone, our new corporate structure. We will retain our deep cultural roots, and Danone will still be organized around our four divisions—Fresh Dairy Products, Medical Nutrition, Early Life Nutrition and Waters. Operations will be highly decentralized and built on our local subsidiaries, or Business Units (CBUs), which will be grouped into 30 geographic clusters made up of one or more countries.

The biggest change will in our support functions—human resources, finance, IT and general secretary. These will be enhanced and combined, both globally and locally, to increase their expertise, generate synergies and create a more tightly-knit structure. The service units will be integrated into the 30 geographic clusters, interacting with the Business Units through a General Manager. Thirty General Manager Integrators were named in 2015, and the new One Danone structure will be deployed in 2016.


Découvreurs de talents

A new campaign attracts talent from all over the world

Scouting for talent

In emerging countries and other competitive job markets, attracting talented people can be a challenge. At Danone, we use talent scouts to make the most of our strengths—but instead of looking for a candidate to fill a specific job opening, the scout identifies a person who seems to be compatible with our company. Employee ambassadors then begin to build a relationship with the candidate, introducing him or her to our mission, our convictions and our culture. If we find a good match, the process can result in a new hire. By making our company the primary focus, we will attract people who are naturally drawn to Danone’s culture and goals.

After successful pilots in Asia and Latin America, we’ve now created a small team of dedicated talent scouts. And this is only the beginning: in time, our scouting program could expand to include every one of our employees.


Massive turnout for
Danone Manifesto

On July 7, 2015, we invited every one of our employees to the unveiling of our Manifesto, a core text that defines our convictions and commitments. Gathering at every Danone site around the world, some 70,000 of our people were united by live video—all coming together at the same time on the same day to participate in this extraordinary event.

But the purpose of this year’s Danone Day wasn’t simply to ratify the Manifesto. We also wanted to make our employees a part of this unique, company-wide conversation and give the members of our Executive Committee an opportunity to share the message of the Manifesto as well. Employees were also invited to voice their ideas and their goals for the company—and they did, very enthusiastically.

July 7 also marked the beginning of a new adventure. Manifesto Voice, a new digital platform created as part of the Danone Day event, has now become a forum of choice for employees, attracting nearly a thousand ideas inspired by our commitments and convictions, and creating a surge of energy within the company. Next milestone: a new Danone Day, slated for June 2016.

Learn more about
how Danoners
Danone Day

HORIZON 2020 :
What employees say