• Danone deepens commitment to the circular economy through global partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
    Danone deepens commitment to the circular economy through global partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation
  • 2016 Third-Quarter Sales. Continued solid progress on key priorities, transition in China
    2016 Third-Quarter Sales. Continued solid progress on key priorities, transition in China
  • Danone Nutritional Targets 2020
    Danone Nutritional Targets 2020
  • Nutrition Commitments
    Nutrition Commitments
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Within “Reliability”, we commit both to improving nutritional quality and managing natural resources sustainably.

 As a consumer, you are increasingly expressing your desire for a sustainability that goes further. You want it to encompass everything from safety, health and nutrition, to environmental protection and respect for natural cycles. This is a competitive challenge for our brands.

 That’s why Research is moving towards greater consideration of environmental and health issues.



Danone is fully committed to provide you with healthier alternatives. As a consequence, we developed a Food, Nutrition and Health Charter in 2009. As of 2012, 66% of Danone’s sales corresponded to virtuous products, according to this framework.

 Danone Nutricia Research also improves the nutritional quality of its products by developing recommendations regarding macronutrients (sugar, fat) and micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, salt).

 During the design phase, our teams take nutritional objectives into account and compare their products to their competition. And before a launch, the “Nutrition Check”, guarantees the product’s nutritional positioning.



Assessing the nutritional quality and superiority of our marketed products is the goal of the “NutriProgress” programme. Based on this diagnosis, Danone Nutricia Research develops action plans respecting local concerns and tastes in order to reduce fat, sugar or salt content, or to add vitamins and minerals. For example, in the United States the sugar content in Activia Fruit was reduced by 8% and Activia Fruit Light now has no added sugar. It represents an 11% decrease of total sugars.

Overall, 66% of products meet internal targets for nutritional composition for everyday consumer products in 2012. Last but not least, in terms of governance, Danone’s Health and Nutrition Committee is in charge of guaranteeing the quality and safety of our products.



Since environmental protection and sustainable development are priorities, Danone limits packaging-related impacts. How? By reducing materials at the source. By encouraging collection and recycling. By expanding the use of recycled materials. By promoting packaging made with renewable biomass that does not compete with food sources.

 Our bottles of Evian, Zywiec Zdrój, Aqua are now less plastic-intensive. Bottles of Volvic and Lanjarón are partially plant-based, 100% recyclable, and made mainly with recycled PET (Polyéthylène Téréphtalate). The proportion rises up to 100% for certain Bonafont products.

 Upstream, the essential raw material remains water itself. Danone’s springs frequently benefit from an exceptional environment. Catchment areas are preserved through specific protection. Local farmers and residents are all concerned with the quality of these waters. Therefore, Danone partners with them to implement initiatives ensuring a sustainable land management and the protection of water resources.

 Danone is also actively involved locally with suppliers to promote sustainable agriculture. In this respect, our teams in Research contribute to create upstream supply chains, including for milk, so as to provide the highest quality raw material.



"We want to provide our consumers with the best water that exists. That’s why we dedicate specific care to select high quality groundwater sources, to ensure their stability and to establish large protected areas around our springs. To this end, we form partnerships adapted to local needs with neighbouring communities. This way, preserving the resource becomes a common concern that creates value for all of us."