Danone takes place on the CDP (formerly Carbon Disclosure Project) “A List” of the best performing companies in the fight against climate change



The last issue of our Letter to our Shareholders is online, find here new information for shareholders

Sales in the third quarter and first nine months of 2014

+6.9% organic growth in the third quarter. Solid underlying trends across all businesses. Full-year targets for 2014 confirmed.

Nutricia Netherlands & Nutricia Belgium launch the Generation Growth Graduate Program!

Discover the cross-functional graduate program launched by Nutricia Netherlands & Nutricia Belgium that will start as of September 2015. Applications are open until December 31st 2014!



Danone announces plan to close plants in Casale Cremasco (Italy), Hagenow (Germany) and Budapest (Hungary)

Pure Drop by Evian rewarded

Pure Drop by Evian has received the 2014 Diamond Pentaward for its packaging ! This award is the best of the show and rewards the innovation and the simplicity of the Drop !

Eating is also about culture

Our goal is to design products and services that meet the dietary and nutritional needs of local populations. To celebrate World Food Day, check out the innovative approach developed by Danone's experts researchers called NutriPlanet

Location of the Danone Nations Cup's finale

The Danone Nations Cup will occur next month in Brazil: discover the stadium where the final will be hosting !  Be prepared !

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Strategy & Key Figures

A mission: one yogurt a day

Danone is building a solid consensus with the scientific community around the strong conviction that yogurt is essential to a balanced diet. Eating one yogurt every day is the simplest way for people to take care of their health: yogurt is natural, easy to digest, densely nutritious (rich in calcium and proteins), affordable, convenient and can be enjoyed by everyone.


DANONE the (p)reference!

The Fresh Dairy Products division produces and markets fermented fresh dairy products and other dairy specialities, drawing on Danone’s capacity to develop its ranges and constantly innovate, whether in terms of flavour, texture, ingredients, nutritional benefits or packaging.

Milk quality is essential for Danone yogurts
Because Danone collects more than 8 billion litres of fresh milk each year, it must ensure a sustainable, high-quality supply at stable prices. The Group puts in place systems to safeguard or optimise production and access to this essential raw material. It forms close contractual relationships with local producers in the vicinity of production sites in order to limit logistics costs, guarantee the optimal quality of the milk and better manage its dairy subsidiaries.

Sustainable relationships with producers, to guarantee this quality
The relationship between Danone and its partner dairy farmers is built on four reciprocal undertakings:

  • Improve the quality and nutritional balance of the milk,
  • Encourage development of the dairy farms,
  • Protect the environment,
  • Raise the status of dairy farming as a profession.

A relationship of trust that offers long-term visibility to both parties.

Danone: 2nd largest milk producer in Europe
Fresh dairy products represent 11.7 bn euros of sales in 2012
Top 3 countries contributing to growth
26% share of the worldwide Fresh Dairy Products market
Oikos +30% share of the greek style yogurt market segment in north america in 2013
The Prostokvashino brand recorded 26% growth in Russia in 2012